Using linerless labelers and labels

linerless labeling

Why aren’t more people using linerless labelers? And why aren’t more people using linerless labels?

With so many advantages to linerless labels why isn’t anyone stepping out and buying automatic print & apply for linerless? Yes linerless labels are sold for many thing like coffee cups at the coffee store deli labels at the grocery but it is not been adopted by industry for the 4×6 case label.

Many benefits are too intangible for most people to want to understand. For example more labels on a roll is a real thing! Longer between roll changes means more uptime more uptime means more profit.

My apologies to the purchasing people of the world but if a linerless label is 10% more they will not even consider the purchase.

What we need is a true believer one of the fortune 100 companies to mandate linerless labels.  Until then it is all about the almighty dollar.

Intangibles are great for a power point but the perfect customer for a linerless label is someone who can see and really understand the intangibles.

Linerless manufacturers are being challenged. According to John Short, Vice President of NAStar Inc., it isn’t as simple as removing 1/3 of the cost because you removed the liner.

“The cost of Linerless materials in many applications is indeed more than traditional, commodity Linered label products. As technology evolves, Linerless will become more competitive. However, we see other applications where Linerless is already more cost effective than traditional Linered labels including our sheeted TwoFer® Linerless pressure sensitive materials.”

NAStar Inc. is a manufacturer of linerless materials along with other very innovative solutions. Visit them on the web at